M A Rashid Memorial Academy

About Us

The contribution of United Group to socio-economic and public welfare work is well recognized. In its continuation, the M A Rashid Memorial Academy was inaugurated in 2019 as a completely non-profit organization by Mr. Hasan Mahmud Raja, Chairman of United Group, in Maloncha village, No. 5, Nayanagar Union, Melandah Upazila, Jamalpur District, in the memory of Hazrat Shah Jamal (R.). M A Rashid Memorial Academy is a full-fledged, responsible, and modern educational institution with a fully digitalized curriculum, rich in quality, religious, and moral education under the supervision of skilled and responsible teachers in a wonderful and aesthetic environment. In addition to the skilled and experienced faculty, the overall activities of the school are centrally managed by Bangladesh Digital Education Research Limited (bdeducation).







Tonmoy Sharkar

“I am absolutely happy about the results of my child, and would love to thank all teachers who have put their effort in creating such an awesome learning atmosphere in class!”

Tonmoy Sharkar

Ornob Chowdhury

“Thank you guys for the most amazing experience of getting the right education. You do a great job, and I wish you much inspiration, fresh ideas and more bright students there.”

Ornob Chowdhury

Company Director
Ashraful Alam

“I was excited to finally enter your educational institution, and put my child in the hands of great teachers who know what the students want and try very hard to deliver it. Thank you so much and good luck!”

Ashraful Alam