M A Rashid Memorial Academy

Institution History

The contribution of United Group to socio-economic and public welfare work is well recognized. In its continuation, the M A Rashid Memorial Academy was inaugurated in 2019 as a completely non-profit organization by Mr. Hasan Mahmood Raja, Chairman of United Group, in Maloncha village, No. 5, Nayanagar Union, Melandah Upazila, Jamalpur District, in the memory of Hazrat Shah Jamal (R.). M A Rashid Memorial Academy is a full-fledged, responsible, and modern educational institution with a fully digitalized curriculum, rich in quality, religious, and moral education under the supervision of skilled and responsible teachers in a wonderful and aesthetic environment. In addition to the skilled and experienced faculty, the overall activities of the school are centrally managed by Bangladesh Digital Education Research Limited (bdeducation).